The Yamaha Sound Bar: One of the Finest in the Industry

Yamaha Sound Bar

Yamaha Sound Bar

The Japanese manufacturer Yamaha holds the reputation as one of the best companies in the world. Their name is synonymous with excellence and reliability. With the release of their new Sound Bar, they once again reinforce this idea. Here is a Yamaha Sound Bar review that proves why this is one of the best home entertainment products in the market.

Design and Aesthetic Appearance

The Yamaha Sound Bar looks like a sleek device straight out of a high-budget science fiction film franchise. Finished with a gorgeous and alluring black matte, reminiscent of a timeless piano, the Yamaha Sound Bar features a rectangular shape that’s just gorgeous to look at. With its simple yet sophisticated design, it wonderfully complements any home entertainment system currently available in the stores and online. This is a minimalists’ dream.

Construction and Components

What truly sets the Yamaha Sound Bar from the rest is its ingenious integrated system. The equipment combines two powerful and heavy duty cone speakers with three equally effective dual-driver subwoofers, combining to produce a digital audio output of 120 watts. This complex and intricate combination allows it to define and clearly conveys the most intricate melodies and the most complicated sound effects from film and television.

If that’s not enough, the Sound Bar also utilizes two powerful large magnets and voice coils to bring a powerful bold bass sound. At the same time, it features a bass reflex port that even more accentuate the deep bass sound. Taken together, these components produce a unique and addicting sound that pulls listeners in and puts them in the middle of the audio experience.

Positioning and Ease of Use

The elegantly simple design also allows for a variety of positions in your living room and beside your television. It can simply be placed at the front of a television, if you want a timeless look. It can slip in tight corners and spaces as anyone can easily adjust the stand. For those that truly have no more space to spare, you can even hang it on the wall, for a modern look.

Convenience and Essential Features

Like most audio components available, the Yamaha Sound Bar includes easy Bluetooth capabilities and an always welcome DTS decoding. It also comes equipped with a rear-mounted IR blaster, in case the speaker somehow oddly blocks the IR port on the television. For those that want to hook it up with traditional equipment, it also comes with a stereo RCA jacks.

Options and Affordability

The Yamaha Sound Bar comes in nine different options, each built to withstand the test of time, each equipped with the amazing features that we have mentioned in the previous paragraphs. While some of the shapes and sizes might change, each product comes with its classic black finish and sleek look.

Now, you may ask, what’s the price? We’re glad to announce that it’s affordable and can easily be purchased. The price ranges from $399.95 to $1,299.95. Choose what you think is perfect for your budget.

Need we say more? Don’t wait any further. Go online and buy this great piece of audio equipment. We’re pretty sure you’re not going to regret it.

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