Vizio Sound Bar

Boost Your TV Viewing Experience with a Vizio Sound Bar

Vizio Sound Bar

Vizio Sound Bar

If you’re planning to build your home entertainment area on a budget without sacrificing performance and style, then the Vizio sound bar should be in your checklist. With its superb sound that fills your room and a stylish design that blends with your TV setup, you’ll definitely enjoy great value for the money. What’s more is that this sound bar is easy to configure and you’ll complete your home entertainment in no time.

Incredible Performance

Whether you have a TV from Vizio or from any other brand, the Vizio sound bars are designed to enhance your viewing experience with their powerful sound quality and booming bass capabilities. You’ll surely enjoy an amazing cinematic experience while watching your favorite shows.

Specifically, the units are capable of producing sounds as high as 102 decibels with minimal distortion from the amplifier, thanks to the Dolby Digital technology built in every Vizio model. This enables you to hear clear sounds from dynamic scenes on TV. And thanks to the DTS audio technology, the sound bars can produce deep bass as low as 50 hertz for a more enhanced experience whether you’re watching films or playing party music.

Easy to Set Up and Operate

The plug-and-play features of the sound bars from Vizio make the units so convenient and quick to set up. Operating them becomes even easier with the accessible buttons on top of the units. Moreover, hassle-free and seamless wireless control is made possible with the smart remote feature and Bluetooth connectivity.

Sleek and Minimalist Appeal

The Vizio bars are designed to blend with your current gadgets and to suit any space. The rectangular main unit can be mounted on the wall just below your TV, placed on top of a table or built within your entire home entertainment setup. The main unit and its accessories have a minimalist design that isn’t obtrusive wherever you place them. They have aluminum accents and alloy speaker covers that won’t appeal gaudy in your living room or entertainment area.

Take your pick from among the three models from Vizio. The 5.1 sound bar systems come is a 3-channel unit with rear satellite speakers and a wireless subwoofer, ideal for homes that regularly host parties. The 2-channel 2.1 sound bar system also comes with wireless subwoofer while the 2.0 sound bars are 2-channel units without the subwoofer. All models come with built-in Bluetooth as well as the Dolby and DTS technologies.

With the many positive Vizio sound bar reviews out there, you can’t go wrong when you opt for this company. The California-based consumer electronics manufacturer is best known for their budget-friendly flat screen TVs. They are also considered the No. 1 sound bar company in America, declared by The NPD Group based on the number of units sold between January 2013 and September 2015 in the U.S. In 2015, Vizio’s S3821w sound bar earned the reputation of “Best Buy” in terms of price and quality in January 2014 from Consumer Reports, a monthly American magazine featuring product and service comparisons and reviews.

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